The Launch and Vision of Our Regional Hubs Program

Welcome to the recap of the 76th episode of our Block-chat's with Cody Murdoch who join's our host Makram Hani. As the latest addition to the Blocksquare team, Cody has been a steadfast supporter of Blocksquare since 2018. His unwavering dedication and passion are now channeled into his new role as the Regional Hub's Ambassador program manager. In this blog we share insights about this fantastic opportunity and initiative.

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The Beginning of the Regional Hubs Program

The Regional Hubs Program is Blocksquare's groundbreaking initiative, crafted to foster a healthy and competitive environment among our Ambassadors. The program is designed to incentivize Ambassador's to form teams or 'hubs' and compete in bringing tokenized real estate and clients into our ecosystem. The essence of this program lies in its friendly competition, driving ambassadors to excel and innovate in the realm of real estate tokenization.

How the Regional Hubs Program Works

Once three hubs are established, the competition starts. Every quarter, each hub receives an allocation of 20,000 BST to fuel their efforts. Their performance is measured on various criteria, including event organization, bringing in tokenized real estate, and recruiting marketplace operators. The hubs that amass the most points in these areas are rewarded with more BST, enhancing their capacity to make a greater impact.

Becoming a Part of the Development

Interested in joining the movement? Becoming an ambassador is the first step. After you apply, you can reach out to Cody Murdoch, who will guide you through the process of connecting with fellow ambassadors and forming a hub. A typical hub consists of four to eight ambassadors, with a regional chair leading the charge.

Empowering Through Education

Our ambassadors are at the forefront of educating the public on the benefits of cryptocurrency and the advanced concepts of tokenization and fractionization of real estate. Cody Murdoch, with his global vision, emphasizes the importance of in-person interactions and community meetups to foster understanding and build connections locally and globally.

Why Now Is the Time

We believe that the current market conditions are ripe for a surge in interest in real estate tokenization. As the world's largest asset class, real estate offers untapped potential for tokenization, offering a new paradigm in investment and asset liquidity, it has many benefits for all involved.

Are you passionate about real estate tokenization?

If so, reach out and join our community of ambassadors. Wherever you are in the world, Cody and the team are eager to connect with you and share insights into the world of tokenization.

For more information on how to become an ambassador and join the Regional Hubs Program, visit the OceanPoint website. Here, you'll find all the necessary steps, from the application process to the ambassador agreement.

Thank you For those who have applied to become an Ambassador, we look forward to collaborating with you and your local hub in the near future.

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