New BST Listing on Bitmart & Future Plans

Blocksquare is committed to nurturing an organic community by utilizing their innovative technology for real estate tokenization. The recent listing on exchanges and the introduction of new marketplaces mark significant milestones, further enhancing the Blocksquare community. Read below to know how you could be involved.

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Blocksquare's Growth and Community Focus:

Blocksquare has experienced significant growth, particularly in tokenizing real estate properties, reaching around $100 million in tokenized assets. This growth is not limited to specific regions, as they’ve expanded beyond their initial focus on Slovenia and Dubai. The team emphasizes the importance of community engagement and lasting connections. Visit to see the properties that have been tokenized and are listed on the marketplace!

Introduction of BitMart Listing:

BitMart, a centralized exchange, is a recent addition to Blocksquare’s platform. This move is strategic in reaching a new community and enhancing the tradeability of our utility token, BST. It is important to make informed choices in listings to align with the communities values and risk tolerance.

Expansion and Regional Focus:

Blocksquare’s strategy includes a regional approach, with a strong emphasis on local presence to facilitate growth. With ambassadors in four continents, focusing on forming regional hubs. This approach has already shown success with an increase in property owners joining our community and the ability to tokenize properties.

Marketplace Operators and Diverse Real Estate Assets:

The team highlights their partnerships with various marketplace operators globally. These partnerships are crucial in bringing diverse real estate assets into the ecosystem, such as elderly care facilities in the UK, a project with Cryptosnack. The inclusion of an elderly care facility, typically a private equity standard property, demonstrates the commitment to making a wider range of real estate investment opportunities accessible to smaller-scale investors.

Tokenized Real Estate in Different Market Conditions:

In bear markets, the appeal of volatile assets like NFTs often diminishes, highlighting the stability of tokenized real estate. As a tangible asset, real estate offers a "safe haven", maintaining value and providing a solid alternative for traditional crypto investments. Tokenization makes this traditionally inaccessible market more reachable, especially attractive during market downturns for its relative stability and resilience.

Exchange Listings and Strategic Partnerships:

Following Blocksquare’s listing on Bitmart and plans for future listings on other exchanges, we have enlisted Ari Last, an expert with experience in exchange listings and relations, to guide them through this process.

Community Engagement and Ambassador Program:

Blocksquare encourages community members to become more active, offering various roles within our ecosystem. The power of a decentralized community to grow and expand globally is important.

There's an underlying message about the timing of joining the Blocksquare community. The team suggests that now is an opportune time to get involved, as the project is gaining momentum but is not overly hyped, and there are many opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

Call for Interaction and Involvement:

Blocksquare warmly invites the community to deepen their engagement and involvement in the digital real estate landscape. Engage with us through our regional hubs program, explore the role of a marketplace operator, and delve into the technology. As we progress with our plans for exchange listings and partnerships, your participation is not just welcomed, it’s essential.

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