Oceanpoint Marketplace: Accessing and Purchasing Tokenized Real Estate Assets

A step-by-step guide on accessing and purchasing a property on the Oceanpoint platform.

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Oceanpoint, a decentralized marketplace for tokenized real estate assets, allows users to participate in the future of real estate trading. With a user-friendly interface and a range of features, Oceanpoint facilitates purchasing and staking real estate tokens. This article provides a step-by-step guide on accessing and purchasing a parking space on the Oceanpoint platform. It highlights the unique advantages of this innovative approach to real estate investment.

1. The Oceanpoint Marketplace:

Oceanpoint combines two components, the decentralized application Oceanpoint and the Oceanpoint marketplace, to create a seamless user experience. Staking is made possible through Oceanpoint, while the marketplace lists tokenized real estate assets for display.

2. Tokenized Real Estate Assets:

The parking space in Tech Park, Ljubljana, Slovenia, is the first property tokenized on Oceanpoint. Registered users can utilize DAI to purchase real estate tokens through the secondary market. The property has been generating rental revenue, and users can hold the tokens and earn revenues in DAI or stake them in Oceanpoint to earn BST.

3. Staking Benefits:

Users can earn staking rewards in BST by staking their tokens, with an annual percentage yield (APY) of around 30–35% for the parking space (currently). Staking also reduces circulating supply through buybacks and burning BST tokens, ensuring a robust ecosystem.

4. Process for Purchasing Tokens:

To purchase tokens for the parking space, users need to register an account on Oceanpoint’s Marketplace, complete the KYC process, and connect their wallet. Once logged in, they can filter the listings by status (trading) and find the parking space listing. The property details, trade history, and attached documents are available for reference. Users can then select the desired amount and payment in DAI to complete the transaction.

5. Exploring the Marketplace:

The Oceanpoint marketplace provides additional features and options for users. The portfolio section displays all property tokens held in wallets, and users can access ownership structures, investment overviews, and corporate resolutions. The marketplace also includes a chart showing trends and quarterly reports on asset performance.

6. The Future of Real Estate Trading:

Oceanpoint’s approach to tokenized real estate assets represents the future of real estate trading. Utilizing blockchain technology and decentralized platforms ensures transparency, accessibility, and potential benefits for investors. As the industry evolves, Oceanpoint’s technology, methodology, and impressive track record offer an opportunity to shape a bright future.

Oceanpoint Marketplace revolutionizes real estate investment by offering a decentralized platform for tokenized assets. Users can access and purchase tokenized properties, such as the parking space, through a user-friendly interface and a secure ecosystem. The staking benefits, high-quality assets, and innovative features of Oceanpoint position it as a significant player in the tokenized real estate marketplace industry. Embrace the future of real estate investment by participating in Oceanpoint’s exciting opportunities.

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