Prop Tech WA 2024 Awards night awards Blocksquare the Emerging Tech Award!

At the recent 2024 Cygnet West Prop Tech wa award night, sponsored by Radium Capital Perth’s Mayor Basil Zemplis decared “Perth the PropTech Capital of Australia”.

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At the recent 2024 Cygnet West Prop Tech WA award night, sponsored by Radium Capital Perth’s Mayor Basil Zemplis decared “Perth the PropTech Capital of Australia”.

Awards were granted in various industries and Blocksquare was honored to receive the Emerging Tech Award. A fitting recognition for all the team’s hard work in the blockchain-based real estate tokenization sector.

The event was attended by Western Australian Premier Roger Cook’s representative Ms Jodie Hanns MLA parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Innovation and the Digital Economy, Hon. Steve Martin MLC Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party and via video link, the Hon. John Carey MLA Minister for Planning, Lands, Housing & Homelessness.

PropTech Hub WA Chair Cullum Ashton shared with the 170 guests a goal of attracting a Billion dollars from investors to WA innovators, and called on them to join in this mission.

PropTech Hub WA: Pioneering Innovation Across Sectors

Since its inception in February 2020, PropTech Hub WA has established itself as a pivotal force in the property and construction technology sectors of Western Australia. Beginning with just eight members, PropTech Hub WA has grown exponentially, boasting over 500 members and successfully initiating more than 200 projects.

Since opening PropTech Hub WA, 1214 days before Perth's declaration, the hub has achieved remarkable results, including attracting over 600 innovator and industry members with a combined market cap exceeding $560 billion, and creating 308 PropTech jobs in Western Australia. It has welcomed 13,872 visitors to the City of Perth, hosted 78 events, attended 167 events, and facilitated 527 meetings across international, national, and state levels. Furthermore, $87.25 million has been invested in PropTech Hub WA Innovators.

These initiatives have significantly bridged the gap between innovators, industry leaders, and investors, fostering a robust ecosystem of collaboration and growth.

Expanding Horizons: Leading Innovative Sectors in WA

Blocksquare were delighted to be recognised as the Emerging Tech, amongst the leaders of innovation in very diverse sectors. Congratulations to all the winners, we are showing the world how innovative we are here in the West!

THE WINNERS: • Emerging PropTech of the Year 2024: Blocksquare (sponsored by Radium Capital)

• Cyber Safe PropTech of the Year 2024: Realtime Conveyancer (sponsored by Comtech Training)

• Marketeer of the Year 2024: Loyalty app (sponsored by One Brand)

• ESG PropTech of the Year 2024: Enconyx (sponsored by Architre Sustainable Projects and Planning)

• Land & Settlement Innovator of the Year 2024: LodgeX Legal (sponsored by Australian Property Institute)

• Scale-Up of the Year 2024: RESO (sponsored by Developed)

• Champion of Champions WA 2024: Jeffery Leach & Cullum Ashton (sponsored by Liberty Flexible Workspaces)

• Rising Star of the Year 2024: Planet (sponsored by Peel Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc.)

• Entrepreneur of the Year 2024: Jonathan Goldsworthy (sponsored by Carbon Group)

• Executive of the Year 2024: Michael Smith (sponsored by Luxe Elevators)

• Global Go Getter of the Year 2024: ProptechOS (sponsored by Comtech Training)

• Commercial PropTech of the Year 2024: Core Vision (sponsored by JJ Leach Group)

• Building Technology of the Year 2024: SipForm™ (sponsored by Builderz WA)

• Members Choice of the Year 2024: Safety Bay Settlements (sponsored by Development WA)

• Regional Innovator of the Year 2024: Groundswell Property Group (sponsored by JWH Group)

• Tourism Innovator of the Year 2024: Spinifex Brewing Company Cable Beach (sponsored by Swell Fine Food Catering)

• AgTech Innovator of the Year 2024: Farm Optimisation Group (sponsored by FIPWA)

• Food & Beverage Innovator of the Year 2024: Mighty Booch (sponsored by FIPWA)

• Silent Achiever of the Year 2024: Developed (sponsored by Safety Bay Settlements)

• Jeff Leach Spirit of the Year 2024: Cuong Ly & Andy McColgan (sponsored by PropTech Hub WA)

• National PropTech of the Year 2024: RentPay (sponsored by Cygnet West)

Innovating with the innovators

PropTech Hub WA's journey from a small hub to a leading force in multiple innovative sectors is a testament to its commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration.

By supporting members, engaging with government and industry bodies, and continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible, PropTech Hub WA is transforming Western Australia's innovative landscape for a sustainable and prosperous future.

From Mining and Energy, AgTech, Defence, Tourism to Space Exploration, the sky's the limit for the proptech!

Blocksquare are thrilled to be recognised for their innovation in the area of real estate tokenization, amongst such a talented group and we are committed to our mission to tokenize real estate around the world.

WA leading in 'Blockchain for Real Estate' Professional Education WA?

Western Australia has led the way via a collaboration between REIWA, WA’s leading certified professional development training provider for real estate, and Tecstack - a Perth based Blockchain consultancy firm, specialising in Blockchain for Real Estate education. Over the last two years, Tecstack and REIWA have certified over 500 real estate professionals in Western Australia alone. The regulator-approved courses provide agents and licensees with a comprehensive overview of the future of real estate, an introduction to real estate tokenization, and familiarize them with all things crypto, DeFi, and how blockchain could impact their daily business. The course has been approved by DMIRS - the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

Through this education, tokenization will become more accessible to everyone, and WA agents will have the opportunity to become early adopters, innovators, and leaders in the future of real estate.

We would also lik to thank Blocksquare's RWA regional Hub Perth members for everything you do, and special thanks to Blocksquare ambassadors Minnie Reynolds (Director TecStack Certified Partner) Karoline Kolman (Regional Chair) Jacek Korneluk, M.Sc. (Ambassador) and Blocksquare's Mitch Scott-Rogan (Marketing & Communications) for nominating Blocksquare, joining the awards ceremony and receiving this prize. This wouldn't be possible without your support and contribution.

RWA Hub Perth also runs regular events.

To explore the education available. On Thursday 20th of June at the little way cafe in Nedlands, Perth, there is a Regional Hub Meet up where you can meet some of the Ambassadors and other members and see what is available in the exciting world of tokenization.

Link here