The Power of Regional Hubs: Connecting Communities and Empowering Individuals

Regional hubs have emerged as a vital aspect of community building and environmental impact. These hubs bridge the gap between the core team and the broader community, fostering active participation and rewarding dedicated members. This article will delve into the significance of regional hubs, their historical origins, their role in empowering communities, and how individuals can benefit from engaging with them.

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The Origins of Regional Hubs

The concept of regional hubs, known as "A LaMarca" in Arabic, dates back thousands of years. Empires faced the challenge of connecting with their peripheral regions due to cultural differences, language barriers, and diverse localities. Regional hubs were established to address this, each with its structures and powers. These hubs operated as centers, granted authority, and responsibilities by the central authority, ultimately connecting the periphery to the core. This idea of decentralization has endured throughout history, and today, we aim to empower our community to create their own peripherals, fostering a fully decentralized ecosystem.

The Purpose and Benefits of Regional Hubs

Regional hubs are crucial in promoting active community involvement and knowledge sharing. Members can create new business prospects by becoming regional ambassadors and referring clients, companies, or projects to the ecosystem. They also serve as advocates for the BST token within their communities. Meetups and events organized by regional hubs facilitate discussions, education, and feedback while strengthening the community's bond.

Creating and Growing Regional Hubs

Regional hubs are formed when five ambassadors join forces and elect a regional chair to lead them. These ambassadors can be part of global or local teams, focusing on growing their hub and organizing events. However, logistical considerations should be made for offline events to minimize travel expenses. Active regional hubs that organize at least one event per quarter are rewarded with an allocation of BST tokens. The distribution is based on quarterly reports the hubs submit, ensuring accountability and transparency.

Scoring System and Rewards

Once at least three regional hubs exist, a scoring system is implemented. Each event and contract signed, particularly for marketplace operators and tokenizing real estate, earns points. Events can range from meetups to more extensive gatherings. Regional hubs that perform exceptionally well receive a larger share of the reward pool. The allocation of BST tokens is distributed among active regional hubs based on their contributions, empowering and incentivizing their continuous efforts.

The Importance of On-the-Ground Presence

Regional hubs hold immense value in the real estate industry, where local knowledge is crucial. They provide vital support to marketplace operators seeking to establish themselves in specific regions, enabling regional hubs to operate their marketplaces. By being physically present in a region, regional hubs can better understand the local market dynamics and facilitate valuable connections.

Engaging with Regional Hubs

Becoming a regional ambassador offers numerous benefits, allowing individuals to be compensated for their efforts within the Blocksquare ecosystem. By participating in events, facilitating transactions, and referring real estate owners, ambassadors can earn rewards and contribute to the growth of the community. Joining an existing regional hub or starting a new one provides opportunities for collaboration, education, and networking.

Looking Ahead

Exciting developments await in Version 0.5 of Oceanpoint. Marketplace pools will be introduced, enhancing the utility of BST and empowering sBST holders to support marketplaces. Future discussions will reveal more details, offering further avenues for community participation and engagement.

Block-chat #63: Introduction to Regional Hubs
Regional hubs serve as the connective tissue that brings together communities, empowering individuals, and fostering a decentralized ecosystem. By actively participating in regional hubs, individuals can contribute to the growth of the Blocksquare community, gain rewards for their efforts, and play a vital role in shaping the future of decentralized real estate.

How To Become a Regional Ambassador

Whitelist now to become a Blocksquare ambassador and set up your regional RWA tokenization hub. Join Blocksquare's Discord community and express your interest by leaving a comment in our new regional-hubs channel here.