Transform Real Estate Investment: How Portio Capital Leveraged Oceanpoint v0.5 Launchpad for a Thriving Coliving Marketplace

Starting a real estate tokenization marketplace is an ambitious but rewarding endeavor, and leveraging Oceanpoint v0.5, Blocksquare’s DeFi platform for real estate, can provide the necessary foundation and funding. Let me tell you the story of Portio Capital, a real-life example of how this dream can become a reality.

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In the heart of Europe, a forward-thinking company named Portio Capital had a vision: to transform the real estate investment landscape by focusing on the growing coliving sector. Recognizing the potential of blockchain technology, Portio Capital saw an opportunity to create a marketplace where investors could easily buy and sell fractional shares of coliving properties.

Portio Capital was proud to be selected as Blocksquare’s first community-sponsored marketplace. This partnership meant that their community members would get insider access to invest in some of the most amazing and profitable coliving properties in Europe, receiving steady returns from stays and the capital appreciation of the properties.

But building such a marketplace required more than just an idea. It required a robust platform and sufficient funding. This is where Oceanpoint v0.5 came into play. Oceanpoint, with its comprehensive suite of tools and support, promised to be the perfect ally in Portio Capital's journey.

Step 1: Understanding Tokenization

The first step was to understand the concept of tokenization. Portio Capital learned that tokenizing real estate involved converting physical properties into digital tokens on the blockchain. Each token represented a fraction of ownership rights, making it easier for investors to buy and sell shares of a property. This democratized real estate investment, allowing people with varying budgets to participate.

Step 2: Building the Platform

With a solid understanding of tokenization, Portio Capital moved on to building the marketplace platform. Utilizing Blocksquare's protocol, API, and whitelabel marketplace solutions, which are the technology behind all marketplaces on the Oceanpoint v0.5 launchpad, Portio Capital created a secure and efficient marketplace. The platform was designed to be user-friendly, featuring property listings, token purchase options, and secure wallets for holding tokens.

Step 3: Securing Funding

Building the platform was just one part of the equation. Portio Capital needed funding to cover development costs, marketing, and operational expenses. Oceanpoint v0.5 had a solution for this as well. Through its marketplace pool mechanics, Portio Capital launched a campaign to raise capital. Here’s how it worked:

  1. Apply & Get Support: Portio Capital presented their marketplace concept to the Blocksquare governance board, and once approved, to the Oceanpoint community. By sharing their vision and setting clear KPIs, they garnered interest and support.

  2. Initiate the Pool: Upon approval, Portio Capital initiated their marketplace pool by depositing a minimum of 500 sBST tokens. The community could then pledge sBST to this pool, with the target set at 100,000 sBST. You receive sBST tokens by staking Blocksquare Tokens (BST) in the governance pool on

  3. Community Engagement: As the community pledged sBST to the pool, they supported the marketplace’s growth and earned rewards based on the success and performance of the marketplace.

Step 4: Launching the Marketplace

After just a few weeks, instead of months of hard work, Portio Capital was ready to launch their marketplace, utilizing Blocksquare’s whitelabel solution and real estate tokenization protocol. They had partnered with property owners to list high-quality coliving assets on the platform. The launch event was a success, drawing attention from both investors and industry experts. The marketplace's unique value proposition—fractional shares of coliving properties through blockchain technology—resonated with the audience.

Step 5: Growing the Ecosystem

With the marketplace up and running, Portio Capital focused on growing the ecosystem. They partnered with property owners to tokenize shares and list them on the platform. Investors, thrilled by the initial success, started spreading the word. The marketplace began to thrive, with a steady stream of new listings and investor participation.

Portio Capital also emphasized the environmental and social benefits of coliving. Studies suggested that coliving communities' greenhouse gas emissions were 68% lower than the average household. Additionally, coliving offered affordable, communal living spaces, reducing costs and fostering community and networking, thus addressing the housing crisis in urban areas.

Portio Capital invited Blocksquare’s community members to become their early supporters by joining Bricc Factory, their points campaign that promoted the growth of the coliving trend and supported investments in amazing coliving properties to generate IMPACT. Participants were rewarded with BRICC (Carbon-Conscious Brick), representing their contribution to the ecosystem.

Learn all about Portio in Block-chat #88

Portio Capital’s journey from a visionary idea to a thriving real estate tokenization marketplace was made possible by Oceanpoint v0.5, with the underlying technology powered by Blocksquare. The platform provided the tools and support needed to turn their dream into reality. If you, too, are looking to revolutionize real estate investment, Oceanpoint v0.5 is the perfect starting point. Dive into the documentation, build your platform, secure your funding, and watch your marketplace flourish.

At Portio Capital, they help humans become a green bricc factory, creating a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Would you like to be part of Portio’s story? It’s not too late. Let’s make it come true together. Let’s get back to the present moment. Portio’s marketplace pool is set to launch on June 28, 2024. Get ready today and join the Portio Capital team in Blocksquare’s new governance voting forum, where they will introduce all the details, explain how you can pledge your sBST, and outline what you can expect in return for being an early supporter of coliving tokenization in Europe.

For more detailed information on how marketplace pools work, visit Oceanpoint's documentation.