What does it Mean To Become An Ambassador for Blocksquare?

Becoming a Blocksquare Ambassador provides an opportunity to be a leader and advocate for the real estate shift to tokenization - a neccesary and innovative approach that changes everything, from how we interact with property ownership to community development.

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The essence of the Blocksquare Ambassador program is to unite individuals worldwide who share a passion for Blocksquare, real estate tokenization, blockchain technology, and the vast opportunities these innovations present for the financial world.

This initiative is aimed at driving adoption, raising awareness, and strengthening the community around these transformative technologies.

Become an Ambassador on Blocksquare

This is your golden opportunity to be part of a community of world-class innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders dedicated to making real estate more accessible, transparent, and efficient through blockchain and tokenization. If you are a community builder, interested in ushering in this new era of real estate, we invite you to join us.

Why Join the Blocksquare Ambassador Program?

Become an integral member of the Blocksquare family, immersing yourself in a global community of blockchain enthusiasts, and contributing significantly to the Blocksquare Foundation and Ecosystem.

Engage in building a hub of innovation within your local or regional community by raising awareness about Blocksquare, blockchain, and real estate tokenization, and connecting with peers and industry professionals.

Whether you're a technical expert or a non-technical enthusiast passionate about the future of real estate and blockchain, this program welcomes you to contribute to building the future.

Watch the Regional Hub Manager Cody Murdoch's video on the program and feel the excitement as he explains what it is all about!

How to Apply?

Go to https://oceanpoint.fi/#ambassadors-apply


Ambassadors are expected to engage in various activities, including but not limited to:

Creating and sharing content about Blocksquare, blockchain, and real estate tokenization.

Organizing and participating in meetups and AMAs to promote Blocksquare and Blockchain.

Amplifying Blocksquare events and announcements.

Representing different regions in our international community.

Engaging in tasks like translating blog posts, creating promotional materials, and contributing to our website.

Growing the developer resources and supporting initiatives around Blocksquare and the broader blockchain community.

What Can You Earn?

The Blocksquare Foundation is committed to fully supporting Ambassadors with recognition, compensation, and opportunities for growth, including:

Inclusion in a global community of blockchain leaders and investors.

Token rewards in BST, Read these documents for more information.

Ambassadors can earn comission by referring clients, companies, or real estate projects to the Blocksquare ecosystem

We are immensely grateful to our Blocksquare family for your enthusiasm and commitment. This program reflects our dedication to maintaining the high quality of our community in terms of content, members, and ideas.

Thank you for joining us in this effort.

For further inquiries or to start your application, please reach out to us directly. We're here to assist you every step of the way in becoming a Blocksquare Ambassador and making a significant impact on the future of real estate and blockchain.

Take a look below at our Regional Hub Map showing the Ambassadors locations worldwide.